Feed Optimization

Create channels from your main feed with multivariation
rules and settings

  • 200+ Channels Export

    Reduce IT effort by publishing the product
    feed across different channels in seconds.

  • Rule Operations

    Filtering, sorting, limitin, replacing and
    all other operations about feeds

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Feed Enrichment

Performance can be improved by enriching product feeds with information that does not exist at all

Some enrichment examples

  • Videos/HTML5
  • Automated Creatives
  • Google Analytics 4
  • Translations
  • Match Time
  • Weather Conditions
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Creative Suites.
Lets dance your feed

Create video, HTML5 or static ads creative from your product feeds in seconds with Creative Suite.

Creating Templates

Determine your brand's colors, logo, font and create creatives as you wish.

Adding Creatives to Your Feed

Make the creatives you create ready for ads by adding them to your product feed with a single click.

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Feed Protection

Protect your product feeds from instant technical problems and product number fluctuations.

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    Alert System
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    Avoiding Updates
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