Creative Suite

Create automated creatives from your product feed.

Feedance's Creative Suite contains many different templates prepared in accordance with the needs of brands operating in different industries. Creative content in many sizes such as static banners, video content and HTML5 banners are included in this amazing collection.

Why do you need Feedance Creative Suite?

Because these templates help you to highlight your brand by saving you time and effort. The color palette of these amazing templates is automatically tailored to your brand's branding. Thus, a powerful effect is created where each content integrates with your brand's identity.

Another advantage of Feedance Creative Suite is that all information automatically obtained from the product feed is integrated into these templates. Information such as product name, price, logo and call button are instantly filled in the blanks in the templates, and a large number of different sizes of banners, video content and HTML5 banners promoting a product are produced in seconds. Thus, you can showcase your brand impressively and attract potential customers.

Feedance can also create your text ads thanks to its integrated AI tools. This feature makes your business processes more efficient by eliminating the waste of time and money to be spent on your creative content.

Meet the Feedance Creative Suite and push the limits of your creative content! Enjoy creating creative content that impressively represents your brand.