Feed Enrichment

Enhance your feed with some magic.

Feedance's feed enrichment feature streamlines your business processes and enables you to make your product feed richer and more compelling.

Product Videos

You can automatically create product videos using Feedance's own creative suite. With this feature, you can create visually stunning videos in seconds to make your products more impressive. There is a lot of creative content designed for different industries in the Feedance's creative suite. The template you choose is adapted to your own brand colors and the content is filled with your product information in the feed. Thus, you can provide your customers with a better promotion of products and a visually enriched experience to support their purchasing decisions.

Weather Data

Weather data is associated with the location information added to the feed via various APIs and defined as a new field to the feed. This feature helps weather-affected brands optimize their business processes, for example in industries such as food ordering platforms or the travel industry. For example, a pizza chain may target its ad campaigns or special offers based on the weather, or travel agents may customize holiday packages based on weather conditions in their targeted regions. This can increase customer interest and conversions.

Match Time

This feature is particularly useful for sports brands or brands that sell sports-related products. You can integrate match information of various leagues into the feed through a new field added to the feed. In this way, you can easily create ad campaigns or product offers specific to match times. For example, a sportswear brand might highlight certain products, offer discounts based on the time of a popular football game, or a food ordering platform might schedule ad campaigns for game-time discounted menus. This way, you can better understand your target audience and optimize your marketing strategies based on sporting events.

Google Analytics

Feedance's feed enrichment feature also supports Google Analytics integration. With this integration, you can use Google Analytics data to analyze your product feed and better understand their performance. This provides important information for tracking the effectiveness of your campaigns, understanding traffic sources, and measuring conversion rates. You can use this data to make better decisions and optimize your marketing strategies.