How It Works

Feedance is focusing on your growth process.

Feedance, an e-commerce platform, optimizes product feeds, integrates with various systems, and empowers businesses with a unique creative suite. Enhance your online presence, reach targeted customers effortlessly, and create stunning content in seconds. Boost your growth success now!

Loading of Product Feed

Feedance starts with a simple first step: upload your product feed to the platform.

  • A product feed is a data file that contains information about your products
  • With Feedance, you have the flexibility to use various formats for your product feeds.
  • Easily integrate your existing data by choosing the format that works best for you.
Loading of Product Feed

Data Editing

Once your product feed is uploaded, Feedance presents it in its user-friendly interface.

Data Editing
  • Take control and edit your product data effortlessly.
  • Correct any missing or inaccurate information to ensure accuracy.
  • Customize the formatting to present your products in the best possible way.

Feed Optimization

Feedance automatically analyzes your uploaded product feed and provides powerful optimization tools.

  • Define and categorize your products more effectively to enhance customer search experience.
  • Easily edit prices and update product specifications for accurate and up-to-date information.
  • Ensure your customers can find and understand your products effortlessly with Feedance's optimization features.
Feed Optimization


Feedance offers seamless integrations with popular e-commerce platforms.

  • Connect effortlessly to platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, and more.
  • Export your optimized and enriched product feeds directly to your targeted platforms.
  • Streamline your workflows and boost efficiency with Feedance's integration capabilities.

Creative Content Production with Creative Suite

Stand out from competitors with Feedance's unique creative suite.

Creative Content Production with Creative Suite
  • Access ready-to-use static and video templates for various sectors.
  • Templates auto-populate using data from your product feed, including logos, product names, and prices.
  • Create impressive content in seconds with synchronized updates.
  • Enjoy versatile content formats like static banners, video banners, and HTML5 banners for greater impact.