Daisycon Integration

Daisycon channel in works with Feedance.

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Set Up Daisycon Integration on Feedance

Daisycon Integration Step 1

Add Your Feed

Create channels from your main feed with multivariations and rules.

Daisycon Integration Step 2

Create Your Daisycon Channel

Create automated banners from your feed products' images.

Daisycon Integration Step 3

Export Your Daisycon Channel

Created your banners with multi format for multi platforms.

General Information About Daisycon

Daisycon is a performance-based online marketing platform that helps advertisers, publishers, and agencies to collaborate and optimize their digital marketing efforts. It was launched in 2000 and is headquartered in the Netherlands.

As a platform, Daisycon provides a range of tools and services to help advertisers reach their target audience efficiently and publishers monetize their online traffic effectively. It operates on a performance-based model, meaning that advertisers only pay when certain predefined actions or conversions are achieved, such as a sale, lead, or click.

Daisycon offers a variety of advertising channels, including affiliate marketing, lead generation, display advertising, and email marketing. Through their network of publishers and affiliates, they provide advertisers with a broad reach and targeted exposure to potential customers.

The platform also provides sophisticated tracking and analytics capabilities, allowing advertisers to measure the performance of their campaigns and optimize their strategies accordingly. It offers real-time reporting, conversion tracking, and data insights to help advertisers make data-driven decisions.

Daisycon's origins can be traced back to the early days of online marketing in the Netherlands. It started as a small affiliate network and gradually expanded its services and reach. Over the years, Daisycon has grown and evolved to become a leading performance marketing platform not only in the Netherlands but also in other European countries.

Currently, Daisycon operates in multiple European countries, including the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, and Spain. They have established a strong presence in these markets, working with a wide range of advertisers and publishers from various industries.

In summary, Daisycon is a performance-based online marketing platform that was launched in 2000. It originated in the Netherlands and has since expanded its operations to several European countries. Through their platform, Daisycon enables advertisers and publishers to optimize their digital marketing efforts, offering a range of advertising channels and advanced tracking and analytics capabilities.