Ciao Integration

Ciao channel in works with Feedance.

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Set Up Ciao Integration on Feedance

Ciao Integration Step 1

Add Your Feed

Create channels from your main feed with multivariations and rules.

Ciao Integration Step 2

Create Your Ciao Channel

Create automated banners from your feed products' images.

Ciao Integration Step 3

Export Your Ciao Channel

Created your banners with multi format for multi platforms.

General Information About Ciao

The Ciao platform is an online shopping and consumer review website that allows users to compare prices and read reviews on various products before making a purchase decision. It was launched in the year 1999. Ciao originated in Germany and has expanded its services to several countries across Europe.

Ciao began as a price comparison website, enabling users to compare prices of products from various online retailers. However, it later evolved into a consumer review platform, where users could read and write reviews about products and services. Ciao's aim was to provide valuable information to consumers, helping them make informed decisions while shopping online.

The platform quickly gained popularity due to its user-generated reviews and comprehensive product information. It became a trusted source for consumers to research products based on the experiences and opinions of others. Ciao also introduced a community element, encouraging users to share tips, suggestions, and insights related to various products and services.

In 2005, Ciao was acquired by the global technology company Microsoft. This acquisition further strengthened Ciao's presence in the European market and allowed for continued growth and development of the platform.

Ciao operates in multiple European countries, including the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and the Netherlands. Each localized version of Ciao caters to the specific needs of consumers in that country, providing relevant information, pricing, and reviews for products available locally.

Ciao has become a go-to platform for consumers seeking reliable reviews and comparisons before making online purchases. With its extensive database of user-generated content, it offers a valuable resource for individuals looking for guidance and recommendations in their buying journey.

Overall, Ciao is an established online shopping and consumer review platform that provides information, reviews, and price comparisons to help consumers make informed choices. Its origin in Germany and subsequent expansion across Europe have contributed to its success over the years.